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1. Funds distributed by Keefe Kares must be given to 501(c)3 charitable organizations approved by the Keefe Kares Board.

a. Funds will be allocated to the counties Keefe Real Estate agents have closings in for the prior year. 

b. Not more than 20% of the funds Keefe Kares distributes in any year can be distributed to charities that collect and distribute funds nationally and internationally (American Heart Association, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.). 

c. No single organization can be given more than 10% of annual distributions.


2. The Keefe Kares Board will accept and review applications from 501(c)3 charitable organizations once a year; the Community Impact Committee (CIC) will review applications in the spring with final approval of distribution amounts by the Board for that calendar year.      


3. To be considered:

a. Political and Religious non-profits (including affiliated schools, churches, charities, etc.) do not qualify.

b. Distributed funds cannot be given in exchange for sponsorship, advertising, services, meals, or tangible items back to any Keefe related companies or to its agents or employees.

c. Distributed funds will not be given to a 501(c)3 set up for an individual or a one-time benefit.

d. At least 80% of the funds distributed in a given year must be distributed within areas (counties) that Keefe Real Estate serves.

For more details and information on Keefe Kares and to submit applications, please email Katrina at

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